Big Northern Voice Dinner

Join us for an opening night party, Thursday, 7:00pm at Heritage Hall. There's spaghetti for everybody, and Lee LeFever will be talking about how he blogged and podcasted his year-long trip around the world. Admission is free. Food will be available starting around 7:30, and Lee will start speaking some time around 8:15. That's the plan anyway, but things might change on the day. For directions to Heritage Hall, type "3102 Main Street Vancouver BC" into your favourite mapping service.

The details of the menu are, of course, being organized on the wiki. Check out the Chef Planning page for details.

UPDATE: Thursday dinner signups are closed; we are at max capacity of 150 for the dinner Please do signup to let us know you're coming.



Hey guys... I'm going to have to un-signup for the dinner tonight.  I'm a walking germ factory, and I don't want to get anyone sick.  I'm looking forward to feeling a lot better by tomorrow.

Have a great time tonight!

Another Un-Sign Up

Just found out that I have to do something at my daughter's school Thursday night Smile, so will have to miss the dinner Undecided.

So that frees up another spot for someone who couldn't sign up in time.



No way to un-signup, but work has messed with my life again;



Bill Kempthorne

May my spaghetti go to a good cause.  


dinner signup

Oh well. Now why didn't I see this sooner? I don't recall seeing it up in the corner before, I only stumbled across the chef planning thing on the wiki. Too early to sign up for next year?


Room for one or two more

The signups were to help us in planning...we've likely got room for one or two more.


So would it be okay if I showed up? I flaked on signups, but it sounds like fun! :)

Done and done.

Well, I hope it was, because I did. So there.


Hi Boris:

Will there be vegetarian spaghetti?

A chocolate fountain? Yum!Laughing




There will be vegetarian options

Of various kinds. I can't guarantee that all lacto-ovo pescatarians will have a range of options, but I think there will be something for everyone.


1. Do you want us to RSVP?


2. Should we bring some dessert?

Just come

1. The Upcoming link won't hurt; we might ask for something more formal closer to the event

2. We've got cake and a chocolate fountain

We're doing some planning on the wiki:

This is going to be fun....



Can we swim in it?



agree with boris

your wish is our command nancy :)

For you...

Anything you want, Nancy Laughing

I hope the dinner goes late

I now will be flying in from a gig in Atlanta. Won't arrive at the airport till 9:15 pm. Then I'll cab it over.

If you move to a new party location, ping me. I'll send a mobile number.