All Northern Voice Sessions Will be Podcastededed

In previous years, we haven't had the human power, time or money to sort out formal recording of the Northern Voice sessions. This year, the folks at Podcast Spot have volunteered to do it for us. From Mack:

We're hosting at, which is all decked out in the new Northern Voice theme. Currently we're planning to record all of Saturday's sessions in audio, and as much as of Moosecamp as we can. We've also got a couple video cameras to record some sessions and "roaming" footage. There's four of us, so we should be able to get it all.

All the content is freely accessible obviously, and there's no need to create a Podcast Spot account to access it. We do have a special offer for Northern Voice though - anyone who signs up for a free account with discount code "NV2007" will get an extra 100 MB of upload quota for free.

Of course, everybody's welcome to record anything they want. We just wanted to reassure anybody disappointed to miss the conference that they'll be able to consume the sessions after the fact. Combine this with the chat channel, and it's like you're really there. Or here, as it were.



Could we get slides for Darren's Why Do We Blog? session?

The podcast is fascinating, but there are funny things we can't see in it.

Derek K. Miller -


Well, right on. I'm subscribed, since I doubt I'll make it to the event but I'll have time on my hands recovering [[|here in bed]] at home.

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