Northern Voice MooseCamp Schedule 2007

This is a top level place for Moose Camp content. Feel free to start linking and creating your pages below for session topics that interest you or ideas for sessions that you can give. There are spots for roughly 30 sessions.

  • PhotoCamp
  • VideoCamp
  • Second Life
  • Last session / Friday afternoon GeoWalk
  • Designing a Smarter Wiki
  • Hacktastic Wiki Blogging
  • Mashups for Non-Programmers
  • Preparing Photos for the Web This has been assimilated into PhotoCamp.
  • Free Music: what the digital age means to the music industry
  • Using GeoLocating to Enhance your Web App or Service
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Blogs
  • Identity and Privacy on the Web
  • Community Indicators
  • Blending live communications into Blogs
  • C'llabridiv Arts R Fun
  • New Rules for the New Communities
  • Vancouver-Transit-Camp
  • conversations: online, offline: how is blogging different from f2f conversations? how can we make blogging even more of a conversation?
  • Stats: The Forbidden Love
  • Blog, Wiki, or CMS: choosing a platform for your project looks like this will come out in the WordPress vs. Drupal session
  • Experiences: Living them, collecting them, or sharing them
  • SocialMediaDiaspora - How social media fosters 'transnationality' and diasporic connections
  • Mobile Photo and Video Blogging - everything you wanted to know mobile photo and video blogging
  • More than just a blog You know your blog can sing and dance, but can it act... like something else?
  • Online-Offline Convergence - moving from the real world to the virtual world
  • Getting Your Podcast Levels Right - More Free Tools
  • What is Social Media Anyway? - been having this discussion a lot lately - would love to have a 30 minute throw down around it, see what sticks...
  • Compiling Free Metadata about Vancouver
  • Everything you wanted to know about Facebook (but were afraid to ask)
  • Photo-Blogosphere-Meatspace Mashup - Let's use photos to document interesting things about MooseCampers and our little chunk of the blogosphere.

We’d like to keep the sessions non-corporate, meaning the focus should be on ideas, techniques and experiments, not specific products and services. If you’re unsure about whether your proposed session is too much of a pitch, it probably is, and belongs in the LightningPitches (see MooseCampSchedule for full details).